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Anyone for Paradisa... ?

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I've decided to move my Paradisa collection on to a better place - where it is loved and valued for all its ... pinkness ! As much as I would love to own every LEGO set ever made (lol) I have come to a point where I have decided I need to identify my main themes (and likes) and consolidate my collection in these areas. My Paradisa collection was part of a Westfield display lot I purchased a few years ago now so it's in pretty good nick. I would describe it as used, but not played with, no boxes, full instructions (although some keen previous owner has written some inflated prices on the front corner of each instruction in red nikko pen). There a few bits that have yellowed/faded with age but at a rough guess (not having it in front of me right now I'd say no more than 5 or 6 pieces in the entire collection. I am going through each set and putting together to make sure all the bits are there at the moment anything that may be missing will be replaced via bricklink (so far I've only found 3 1x3 pink plates missing) If anyone (anyone?) is interested in purchasing, or knows anyone who would be interested from any perspective (be it investment or for the little girl in their lives ..or the little girl within) I am happy to sell to a good home at pretty reasonable prices (below bricklink average for each set) plus postage as I'm not looking to make a massive profit or anything. I can sell via a reserved lot through my bricklink account if anyone is interested. I will pop it on the forum there too.

The sets I have are:

Sand Dollar Cafe

Cabana Beach

Paradise Playground

Dolphin Point

Poolside Paradise x 2

Rolling Acres Ranch

Island Arcade

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