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Collection Intervention, must watch!

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This morning, I watched the first episode of a new show on the SyFy channel called Collection Intervention. You can view it for free on iTunes (http://itunes.apple.com/us/tv-season/collection-intervention-season/id548764448)

There are a few good reasons to watch this show since you are interested in collecting LEGO.

1. Obviously you will see the extreme side of collecting. It's always interesting to see how far people go.

2. You will see two sides of collections that are worth a lot and not as much as one though there collection would be. This is one good reason for BrickPicker.com. At least you can learn more about your LEGO collection and find the value of it.

3. You will hear a repeating issue of "We are running out of space". If you read the article on our site by Mos_Eisley, Storage Wars, he gave some good insight about the issues of storage and collecting.

4. In this episode you will see some nice boxes of the Death Star II LEGO set and other Star Wars LEGO sets.

Overall, I really enjoyed the show and it means something to me. So if you find the time, watch it, I think you will appreciate it.

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The show is pretty good and has some 'true' collectors. Haven't seen one involving a Lego maniac though. (Wonder if they ever will...maybe.) Just saw an episode about a Flintstones collector. Man was that impressive! There's a therapist she has come in every now & then that just gets under my skin. With the wierd surgance & popularity of tv shows like 'Hoarders', I was afraid somewhere down the line people where gonna start calling collectors, 'hoaders'. (of which we are not. Period.)

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