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Did I miss a good price

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Hey all


I was going to purchase a lego set as an investment which was the 3433 NBA set, however all the pieces werent guarneteed to be with the set and I would have had to purchase the in order to find out.  I only asked as it would have cost me

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Hey.  No not a quick rich scheme, I was evaluating how much of a good Idea the various ways to resell lego was.  Sadly it seems unless you can pick bulk lots up for aroubd 0.01p per piece it isnt really a good idea.  I was looking at breaking down new sets and sell pieces or buying second hand bulk lots and reselling in smaller lots.

Like I said not worth it  - and from what Ive read more a labour of love than a business plan.

I have got a lego itch now damit and all I have is minifigures - have to buy a BIG landmark set to satisfy my need for lego.  Sshh but Im buying two lego watches and seeing if the strap will fit my arm :P

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There's a guy who is selling a TON of NBA LEGO stuff, and has been on craigslist for like 4 or 5 months now.

If anyone is interested I could try to talk him down into a good deal. I'd have to make a price inquiry though.

Is he looking for full blown bricklink prices or are they more "Craigslist" reasonable? I'd be interested in a set like the one mentioned here and maybe other specific players.

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Here's the relevant parts of the ad as per Craigslist:


"Basketball Lego Collectibles

It Includes a Huge lot of basketball Players With hoops and Court
It also includes a Star Wars Drone
36guys+16 basketball players including...
Kobe, Nowitski, Kidd, Nash, Rose, Pierce, Carter, Garnett, Stojakovic ,Webber, Houston, Mcgrady, Stackhouse, and many more!!!.....


34 basketball items
2 basketballs"


I'll attach the relevant pictures, but they look like they were taken by a toy camera. =/









It's part of a larger lot of 5000+ pieces, but he's willing to sell them separately. I just don't know what he's asking for the Basketball stuff since it seems to be the 'breadwinner' portion of his auction (at least to him). I can try to get a price from him if you're interested.


I'm not familiar with the NBA sets so I'm not sure what exactly you're after. I'm also not sure if everything pictured is all he has.

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The only Adult lego watchs I have seen so far are multicoloured and didnt have the lego notchs on.  I would prefer a darker one with notchs, I have smallish wrist so was considering making one long enough to fit me if I needed too by using two watches.

There is now a newly listed set on EBAY.CO.UK and also a set of minifigures.  just put in lego NBA with no part numbers and you should find them :)

At least i have an excuse to buy a TMNT set now if investment is in the new ones :)

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Cool. Thanks for posting the pics. I don't see the whole "arena" in those pics, but I guess theres more. I'd be interested in hearing what he wants for it, but if he thinks its the best part of his collection, he might be shooting a little on the higher end. Guess it doesn't hurt to ask.

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