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Why does Lego hits us hard in their own backyard


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I was looking at the LOTR series because I was unsure as to how many sets were released and I noticed that some sets over here are way more expensive than in the US. For example 9476, in the US store it's priced at $39.99 while in Spain's store it's priced at

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I was looking last night at the prices from amazon Spain and Italy and they have pretty good deals with discounts on most sets from the current Lego releases, the discounts can get up to 35%! No way I'm going to buy the LOTR or any current release from anywhere else.

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We have the same problem here in Canada as the sets sold here are 20-30 dollars more than in the US. The reason behind this in the size of the US market. It is huge compared to Canada. You also have to take into account the impulsive consuming habit of the average American. This is one of the reasons why the US have way more LEGO® stores. I would guess that with the very slow economy in the US is pushing prices lower. At least I live not to far from the border and shop in the US. Cheers lucvend

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