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Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit - general discussion

One theme to rule them all.  

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  1. 1. Which of these two related themes holds a better value as an investment overall?

    • Lord of the Rings
    • The Hobbit

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8 hours ago, fossilrock said:

I agree.  One thing i've noticed on amazon, especially is that the amount of resellers are thinning quite a bit over the last year.  Many have already cashed out and moved on.  So, as the years go by, these will become more scarce, although there are a lot of used sets on ebay that people can pick up. 

I have yet to move any of my LOTR/Hobbit stock and I think i'm going to keep them for a while.  I think we have one more year of sellers thinning out their stock before things really bounce up, and I think it will be a decent bounce up.  Once someone cracks open a set and only gets part of the fellowship, they'll want the rest.  Same with the Dwarves from the hobbit line. 


Indeed. A few months ago I got Thorin's Co by buying sealed sets and parting out the junk. Working on getting several sets of the Fellowship to finish out sets like Moria.

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8 hours ago, HappyHawkeye said:

Last summer when I first got into lego collecting/investing I slowly acquired one of every set from the LOTR and Hobbit themes. I secretly want these to stagnate so I have an excuse to open & build all of them :yes:

Do it. They are my favorite LEGO sets for sure.

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Looks like these 2 themes could be getting some much needed secondary market demand.


“Amazon has  greenlit one show that it hopes to rule them all.

The company has made a multi-season production commitment to a television adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy epic The Lord of the Rings.”





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3 hours ago, steelmelt said:

This is nothing but good news for LOTR sets.  Could there be remakes? Maybe, but it's more difficult with the licensing.  With Lego's troubles I think they let this go and it will be a boost for resales.

They will want to amortise that Smaug mould.

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12 hours ago, Val-E said:

One would hope they have more common sense but if they smell a cheap remake possibility, bets are off.

I would rather hope that they give LotR the Simpsons treatment: D2C only. It is obvious that kids don't care, but D2C definitely and maybe Minifigures would be snapped up. The failure was not due to the theme itself, but the wrong targeted audience.

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