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Kidsfest - Houston

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I just went to the Kidsfest here in Houston. It was a lot of fun, but it's definitely more for kids than AFOLs. Some interesting notes: 1. At the Chima booth they gave free Razar Speedorz. That's a $15 value, not bad! Of course, they had tons of them, so I'm guessing that's the speedor they're having the most trouble selling. 2. At the challenge area they gave tie fighter #8028 polybags ($4 value). 3. The store had the B-wing on sale for $150, hoth for $70, and the y-wing for $35 (each about 25% off I believe). not great, but not bad if you missed the big may 4th sale. 4. The store also gave the iron man polybag AND a legoland Florida ticket for free if you spent $75. That's pretty cool. 5. I hear they clear out damaged box items on the last session on Sunday. I wish I could go back tomorrow just to see, but it's not worth the 45 minute drive, not to mention not having a ticket (they sold out days ago). My kids had a blast. Now we'll see if I can recoup some of what I spent on eBay selling those legoland tix!

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I am thinking stores in general are having an odd time selling the Speedorz altogether or just happen to be that well stocked. The TIE Fighter polybag....good grief, my Target is absolutely stuffed with them! Every single checkout aisle has them on those racks filled from back to front! With that many I'm wondering when or if they will mark em' down. Not that I particularly want them, I'm just saying. Anywho, it sounds like you had some fun out there. Good for you!

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I haven't seen the Speedorz in the clearance aisle or on some kind of sale yet. Both Walmart and Target around me are fully stocked all the time with them but they do seem to be moving if ever so slightly since some aren't there anymore. My only reason for wanting some is the oddball pieces in them; some nice parts in a color new to that piece or haven't been done often. I don't care about the actual Speedorz piece itself but then again that opinion may change were I to open one up and zip away! (Followed by a loud crash and a "Ah damnit!". :lol:)

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