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Which Spinners? It makes a big difference. If it is Green Ninja 9574, then buy all they have, even if you have to take out a loan. There are some spinners that have done really well, then there are some others (like Spitta, or the old skeleton ones) Venomari Shrine at that price would be a big no from me. Uruk Hai army is a good set. Lots of minifigs for the price.

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Will have to recap, I only briefly saw some Ninjago and Chima at a local store and wasn't too sure at the time, should I go for the spitta and skeleton ones failing the green ninja?

No to the above. There are so many better ways to invest than Spitta and old skeleton spinners. Look for something else to spend your money on

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I would say big no to Chima. Still need to see if the kids go crazy over the cartoon like Ninjago. The fact that Shop At Home just shipped a free Chima $20 set in each box for recent May 4th B-Wing orders tells you all you need to know.

I seen multiple kids go to LEGO shop here though wanting to get CHIMA stuff :)

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