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What is the future of the Old Republic theme?


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Speaking of Diablo, that is one of those games where even though everything about it is exceptionally well done, the gameplay itself is (for lack of a better word) very, very, very, boring. I bought the second one sometime after it came out and the expansion pack separately, and despite everything I can't enjoy it. Now to be fair, when you first start playing it is pretty fun and cool going around exploring, but jeeze louis it gets ridiculousy difficult fast and you basically just stand there hoping to hit something before you get killed....again. The game felt designed around the Sorceress class really and I ended up having to resort to using an editor to 'hack' my stats to max just to be able to finally complete the darn thing after years of owning it. Trying to gain enough experience to go up so much as one level is extremely tedious and drawn out, and it doesn't help much at all anyway.

Here's a spoiler for ya. In the end of Diablo II, you still lose! I couldn't believe it. You go through all that to stop the three Prime Evils (Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal) which you do, but they still accomplished their goal of corrupting the Worldstone before you stop the last of the three! So in essence despite all of what you were put through, you still got screwed in the end! What the f***.... :shut:

Well, that was countless hours and about $70 wasted. :-S

Now you need to play Diablo 3 :-)

Good game, has it's pitfalls, but I actually really enjoy the Diablo series.

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I adore the set, but it's a little sad how Lego went 'star destroyer' on it and turned what is supposed to be a large shuttle and attack craft into little more than a large starfighter.

yah, kinda like what they did with Maul's Infiltrator...though it's finally a pretty nice size after 3 iterations.

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Blackjack, I think your post is rather confusing. I think you are talking about the old KoTOR game, but yet you are praising the sets based on the new MMORPG. Although they are more or less the same era, I doubt KoTOR has much to offer in terms of LEGO. It has been a while since I played KoTOR (and I never played OR), but IIRC there were very few ships, much less starfighters shown in KoTOR. What it had was a wealth of characters & sidekicks, abilities, and structures/buildings. The last part was basically because you travel form planet to planet. I am not seeing too many potential for LEGO sets based on KoTOR

just from planets alone you have tons of LEGO sets....

sure the ship department is lacking but everything else is right up there in top of SW line....

Actually KOTOR games has way more and cooler looking planets than Movies have....

Korriban, Alderaan, and many more you could list....

tons of minifigures just from companions and enemies also....

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