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Always sad to see another retailer close - Zulily

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13 hours ago, Billy Brick said:

Just thought I would share this about Zulily shutting down. While not my favorite, less choice and competition for buying Lego is always not great and a sad sign of the times.


lego is sold at every dollar general and ace hardware store.  walgreens grocery store no end to places i am finding lego to buy.  zulilly - i never even heard of them until this post.  i googled it.  peak reveneue was under half a billion in 2022  by comparison, a weak retailer like kohls had $18b year zulilly earnings peaked at $0.366b.  it was qvc owned version of amazon or something like that they sold off to private equity group earlier this year that loaded it up with debt and crashed it into bankruptcy just like richard gere and george costanza did in pretty woman.     i doubt this has any impact on actual retail competition.  dollar general has an entire endcap dedicated to lego at thousands of stores says that even dollar store shoppers can still buy a premium product like lego.  when no one buying lego at the dollar store i will believe the end is nigh.

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