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Available at KMart.com - 2013 AT-TE, JEK-14 Starfighter, Mandalorian Speeder, and Homing Spider Droid


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I'm posting this here, since there isn't a forum for KMart sales.

Well kids, KMart.com is advertising the following sets as In-Stock and ready to ship. Some of you may like to try some EBay pre-sale magic.

Star Wars Mandalorian Speeder (75022) - $24.99


Star Wars Homing Spider Droid (75016) - $29.99


Star Wars Jek-14's Stealth Starfigher (75018) - $69.99 on sale for $57.47 (18% off)


Star Wars AT-TE (75019) - $89.99


You can use the coupon code KMART10PSAVINGS for an extra 10% off.

Don't forget to use EBates and get your extra 6% cash back.

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Will be interesting to see if they actually have them. They messed up on some sets earlier in the year as well showing in stock of upcoming sets and it turned out they didn't have any of them. Nearest KMart to me is an hour away, so I don't worry about them much, but I do like the next Star Wars wave coming out.

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Whether they have them now or not is definitely an issue, but 28% right out the gate is a pretty good deal on the Jek-14 Starfighter. I woulldn't mind waiting a little longer for it if they honored that price. I may try ordering one to see what happens.

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I'm calling the K-Mart closest to me that "has them in stock" and am dealing with a real winner of an employee. I've been on hold for 10 minutes and I bet they aren't even looking for them. Thank you minimum wage laws. Was told they are not in stock but can I be sure they really went looking for it? Do drive or not to drive.

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