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76269 - Avengers Tower


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7 hours ago, Thanos75 said:

That taxi cab is terrible.  The one from the Daily Bugle  is way better.

And that spiderman bridge battle set from years ago had a better one

 I know it's free but come on, it's a flagship set, give it some effort 

I can't put my finger on it but somethings not clicking for me. Also how popular will the feige minifig be 🤔 

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I get that it’s based on the MCU, but it would have been better IMO to include Stan Lee than Kevin Feige. Or include both of them and leave out one of the chitauri. Or put the Stan minifig in the taxi GWP. After all, Kevin Feige did a great job bringing the comic books to the big screen, but Stan Lee was the reason we have this universe of characters and stories in the first place.

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18 hours ago, keymomachine said:

Weird to include Feige in BOTH the main set and the GWP. I think Stan Lee would have been better as well for the GWP and then had the potential to be very valuable.

fyi The GWP is just a random Taxi Driver.

4 hours ago, Graphicski said:

Agreed - should have been Stan Lee 

From what Im gathering, it sounds like Feige was included because this set depicts more of the on screen battles and references.  Compared to that of a set based on a Comic book scene or location. But yes, I agree. I would have preferred a Stan Lee as well. We can only hope for one in the future. 

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7 hours ago, bonusbrick said:

That was an excellent review. I haven’t watched his stuff in a while and it’s nice to see him grow and mature.

Watching it I was thinking the exact same thing. I think he was treading lightly though since the embargo on this set isn’t over until today and he got the set in nefarious ways. He didn’t want to risk the video getting taken down since he knew he would be first and get a lot of views.

It does show that he can be a good guy even though he just blasted Lego and acted like the spoiled petulant brat I know him as just 10 days ago. So this change in behavior maybe more self serving than real. It was a good review and if I was trying to decide to get this set or not his review would definitely push me towards getting it. 

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