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Hey gang - long time no chat!  I'm looking to trim my current inventory, and thought I'd give this a try.  I've got 13 sets in one large box - mostly Marvel themed, about 1/2 of them already EOL, the others should retire this year.  I'll post  it here when this lot is sold - if this works, I'll have many more lots to come, at similar prices.

Box Lot #1:

Quan 1 of 41256 - Trolls Caterbus (ret'd) $ 27.00

Quan 1 of 60226 - Mars Shuttle (ret'd) $ 33.00

Quan 4 of 76125 - Avengers Hall of Armor (ret'd) $45.00 ea (x 4 = $180.00)

Quan. 1 of 76127 - Skrull Attack (ret'd) $36.40

Quan 4 of 76214 - B.P. War on Water $47.60 ea (x 4 = $190.40)

Quan 2 of 76216 - Iron Man Armory $47.60 ea (x 2 = $95.20)


TOTAL = $562.00  (shipped within 200 miles of Charlotte NC at NO CHARGE... discount available for local pickup)

All items in great retail condition.  Will ship via UPS Ground in one (double) carton - approx 28 lbs.  As noted, local shipping is no charge. For longer distances, please ask for a quote. Payment accepted via Paypal. PM me with any questions.




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