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Anyone stocking Ninjago sets for Christmas?


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Hi, I'm thinking to stock up the following sets: Epic dragon battle Temple of light Ultrasonic raider Jay's stormfighter Cole' Tread Assault Golden dragon battle Samurai mech Kai's fire mech Is it good idea? Is Ninjago still going to be popular around Christmas time? Or all the kids will shift to wanting Chima instead? Any suggestion on how many sets to stock up? (capital cost is not a problem)

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Epic dragon battle

Ultrasonic raider

Golden dragon battle

The ones I highlighted are sets I believe will be high earners. The others will do well being Ninjago and all but I'm not quite sure where they will stand in the end.

Temple of Light is the largest of the 2013 sets but it hasn't been flying off shelves around me. Compared to the other 2013's, there has always been a few on store shelves every single time I go to either Walmart or Target. It is the only other set with Golden Ninja Lloyd, but I think people would rather have The Golden Dragon altogether. It's cheaper and, well, has a dragon.

Samurai Mech is another that for some reason has been collecting dust on shelves. I'm serious, everything else goes but that one does not which still baffles me. I would think the mecha would be a big feature along with Samurai Nya.

I am sure they all will do nicely especially around the holiday season, but the ones I highlighted will perform the best out of the bunch.

That's just my two cents.

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For me the epic dragon battle is long term investment.......flipping any of these sets depends on what price you paid for them really. Buying a bunch of of these sets and at or around retail won't net you much of a profit short term. If the sonic raider and epic dragon battle start to eol before Christmas that could work out for you though.

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You mentioned Chima. Personally, I see too much risk in that area until the cartoon picks up steam. So many better performing themes with sets that will be close to or at EOL come november/december. My ninjago plans involve selling my Fire Temple and Destiny's Bounty sets. I also have a bunch of Samurai Mecha sets that I picked up for $30. If Ninjago is hot like last Xmas, then I may part out a few Epic Dragon battles and Ultrasonic Raiders. I wish I had another 50 Lloyd 9574 spinners like I did last year.

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