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75365 - Yavin 4 Rebel Base


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Considering most of the base was inside a mountain, I believe LEGO recreated the only real buildable part of the thing with a mostly faithful facade. This might be the most minimalist Y-fighter ever designed thus far. (I could possibly recreate it using parts lying around.) The inside of the tower top used for the ceremony right before the credits in the original Star Wars film is a decent display for the important minifigures at least.

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It worries me when I see the age of 8+.  To me that indicates less effort on scaling to other sets and more about putting small craft in that probably go in scale with the other little kid ship sets.  When I look at the last Y-wing set from the Rogue One era, that is a nice sized ship.

So many figures make this an easy buy and likely will be chop shopped out on the secondary market.

When leaked, I was expecting this to be an MCS level set.

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On 6/25/2023 at 1:18 PM, BrickStanley74 said:

Hard pass for me. Don't care about the number of minifigures, I can't get past the fact that it looks like my 6-yr old niece designed this. $170 for a bland pyramid is criminal. Don't even get me started on that tree...

I knew something was missing from this box!


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