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Trans Clear Vader, and other Figures?

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I have seen some of the trans clear Vaders, Troopers, and C3PO in the past and am looking to collect some of those items. 

Who else has collected these items and has some advice on how to order them, or where to order them from?


Should I order them as whole, or just the unique molded pieces? (Meaning, the torsos and legs may independently be cheaper than a whole Trans Clear Vader.)


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If we are talking about the same thing, official Lego elements that were never in any sets, from what I heard these were produced "after hours" at the Mexico Lego factory and since has been shutdown. 

Never purchased any so can't help you out there. 

Perhaps @boliramirez has more details, although it looks like he has not been active here for a few years. 

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They are "authentic" in the terms that they are produced on Lego molds, but they are not recognized by Lego as authentic figures. They can't be sold on Bricklink as they recognize them as inauthentic. Employees are making them, stealing them, then charging exorbitant fees on eBay for them. A great side hustle. 

If you want a bootleg translucent figure you can buy them on aliexpress for like a dollar. 

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Thanks for the help. I understand the etymology of the pieces, but the nefarious nature of such doesn't take away from the appeal. 

I will do some digging and see if I can find some 'Legitimately Illegitimate' figures, HA!  

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