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10218 - Pet Shop

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Rookie investor here...any advice on whether I should buy the Pet Shop currently on sale for $159.99? Normal retail is $199.99 here in CAN. Space is not an issue, just on the fence whether this set will gain enough over the next year or so for a 'quick flip'. Buy 1-2 sets or should I invest cash else where? Thanks inadvance for input.

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Anytime you can get a discount on a modular it's usually a good deal. If you're buying it for an investment, be prepared to sit on it for many years. FB and GE are still available and will go before the Pet Shop. If you're buying it for yourself I say pull the trigger.

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Thanks for the advice...I think I'll hold off (considering I've been buying TOO MUCH and need to flip some sets first), the Pet Shop should be around for another year probably so there's time for better deals.

My guess is it will be around for at least 2-3 years

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Guest ph4tb0i

I would hold off on it as the FB or GE hasn't even EOL-ed yet, so this will be on shelves for a while. I'm thinking that this will go down to 119.99 on Amazon sometime this year. Might as well save some money and hoard 7938s if they're still available on Amazon UK.

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