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I kinda dig the little ghostie guys, but wtf is up with this guy's face? is that a CPAP strap or something? 

Ok, this is Jayden and I guess that's orthodontic headgear?


Looks terrible on the actual product. I appreciate the inclusivity, but the execution is poor, ends up looking like weird whiskers.

2 hours ago, Bricklectic said:

I'm getting Vidiyo / Hidden Side / thatever that music nightmare theme was Vibes. Too funky

Feels like nighmarezzzzzzz

Don't worry, they've got that covered as well! At LEAST there is a TV show to tie-in, IMO, that's what killed Hidden Side and Vidiyo hardest.



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Any bets on how long before they cancel the entire line?

Within 12 months is my bet. Sets will probably clog up shelves for 3 years.

Even NexoKnights made it more than 12 months. LEGO’s typical “Big Bang” business model is 3 years (with possible extensions based on sales - a la Chima). So get ready for years of Nightmarezzzz.

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7 hours ago, Ecto said:

I think these sets are dope. Gives me Time Cruisers feelings.

And like timecruisers they look like lego raided the spare and unwanted parts bin.

To me I wonder if these are unused hidden side/elves designs from a cancelled wave. Rather than ditch them completely, Lego has saved time and money in the creation of a new theme by using cancelled designs and slapping them together.

17 hours ago, Pseudoty said:

Not for me, but the largest set the Ship $140 and only 4 minifigures?

Another thought - are those tiny figures counted as minifigs in the set description? Cheaper way of padding out that quota if so

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