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75103 First Order Transporter, missing helmets?

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 I sold a sealed 75103 First Order Transporter and buyer that claims that it's missing Captain Plasma's helmet and one of the Flametrooper helmets.   I bought that set and several other duplicates from the retail shelf of Walmart or Target. They looked pretty minty with no signs of pilfering.  Buyer doesn't complain of open set bags or loose pieces or broken set seals. 

 Anyone have a similar missing parts issue with this kit or kits made in the era of 2015-16?  On a personal note, any time I've been "missing pieces" it's because I built the model wrong but it's hard to build a helmet wrong. lol

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11 hours ago, Pseudoty said:

Limited sample, but I built that set when it came out and no issues. Target had minifig theft but highly unlikely they only took the helmets from multiple bags. You could drop ship them from BL for $10 then block and move on. 

That's what will happen most likely just to save my feedback.


I did find an old reddit post that complained of a missing Flametrooper helmet on a retail set. My buyer also resells minifigures by coincidence. It sort of turns my stomach to sort this out but that's the price of reselling.  Thanks for the comment on your build.

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