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LEGO "Swops and Trades"

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I note that we all gather our LEGO essentially from two sources - the walk in shop, or the internet. Usually it is a once-off trade where we pay money and get our one product. But what about the other type of deals? Where we wish to 'trade' or 'swop' two, three, four, or more sets towards another? I could sell two sets and have to list them both seperately, having to monitor both and then making the trip twice to the post office. Why can't I move two or more sets in one go to a fellow investor or collector who also has something to exchange in the deal? Does such a site exist? If they do, can they deliver what the LEGO investor really needs? I've trawled the internet and can't categorically locate such a dedicated site. If someone knows of one, then please enlighten this AFOL. All I seem to find is lists of people with what they have for sale. Would Brickpicker itself consider developing a 'Swop/Trade' tool? I know that this perhaps digresses from the "online price and investing guide" ideology, but it could be a fantastic further avenue for us all to use. Maybe such a tool would require substantial work, and of course, the excahnging of goods plus money opens up a whole new world of difficulties operations-wise....however, it would be a brilliant "nice-to-have".

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@ Stackables....it could be perhaps started in another forum, but getting down to the actual exchange of payments/details/etc would require secure sites and the ability to link into PayPal or similar. The preliminary details of the transaction could be started in Brickpicker (but not advisable as it isn't a 'swop/trade' site) but where do we go to finally transact? Can't do it on ebay. Can't do it on the other sites either.

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