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71038 - LEGO Minifigures Disney 100 CMF


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  • Oswald the funny rabbit
  • Pinocchio with printed fish bowl
  • Jiminy Cricket with Parasol
  • Magician Mickey with bucket and mop
  • Princess Tiana with printed 2×3 tile
  • dr Facilier with printed 1×2 tile and walking stick
  • queen of hearts
  • Princess Aurora with owl
  • Mulan with Cri-Kee on printed stone
  • Ernesto de la Cruz with guitar
  • Miguel with guitar and dog Dante
  • Pocahontas with 1×1 round tile with compass print
  • Cruella de Vil with Dalmatian
  • Robin Hood with bow
  • Prince John with bag
  • Stitch with four arms and ray guns
  • Baymax with red hoverboard
  • Evil Queen with Magic Mirror

- From PromoBricks



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1 hour ago, brickvoyeur said:

Prince John with bag

My 2nd favorite Disney villain after Jafar lol

1 hour ago, brickvoyeur said:

Stitch with four arms and ray guns

Are those new arm parts?  Is it just me, or picture shows holes on upper arms to put in the extra hands ?

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Finally, we get the Queen of Hearts to accompany Alice and the Chesire Cat. I am looking forward to how well detailed Cruella de Vil turned out. I imagine her black & white hairpiece could look good for a custom character. Also, Prince John is one of my favorite baddies as well mainly from Peter Ustinov's delightfully villainous portrayal feeling akin to stage & theater.

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Miguel and Ernesto de la Cruz for the win! At least for me. Coco is in my top two favorite Disney films. 

My wife is going to love Tiana and Dr. Facilier...her favorite princess and villian. 

This series is going to do great and hopefully increase the value of the first two series.

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  • Darth_Raichu changed the title to 71038 - LEGO Minifigures Disney 100 CMF
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Dear Brick Picker's,

We are excited to announce pre-order of this highly anticipated Disney 100 Series! 

As always, we have a discount code created specially for members here. Please enter "MEMBER-D100" at checkout to receive 10% off your order.

All US orders will receive FREE shipping!

Box - $148.94 (after discount applied)

Set - $78.08 (after discount applied)

Just be sure to click "check out" rather than using external payment methods like PayPal or Shop Pay in order to add the coupon code. I have attached a photo of the coupon code at checkout.

You can pre-order today at minifiguresplus.com

We love this community, and you all have a special place in our hearts! Can't wait to see what you build with these. 

- Jon

P.S. If you would like to be featured on our social media or website, we'd love for you to send us your creative Disney 100 photos. Happy building!




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