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Moin from Hamburg, Germany

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newbie LEGO investor from Germany here.

The idea of joining the investment bandwagon came to me while I was searching for specific LEGO Ninjago sets for my kids, which made realise that some of my older sets have appreciated significantly and are hard to come by.

I invested about 10k, primarily in themes I feel comfortable with (SW, HP, MC, Ninjago, Ideas, Icons, Seasonals). I shy away from Marvel/DC (cause I've got no clue about these topics) and Speed Champions (seem way overhoarded to me).

I've also watched tons of investment videos, and while not all of them are bad, I still haven't found a channel I really feel fully comfortable with.

I was more of a Playmobil kid back then (LEGO was rather boring back in the days) and even though I really love to build sets (w/ and w/o my kids), I haven't entirely turned into an AFOL yet, but that may very well happen in the near future, Ive even been contemplating starting a small shop on the island/district I live on.

Stumbled upon this site yesterday, looking for thoughtful enlightening discussions :)

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Welcome.  There are a few pieces of advice I can offer.

First...take it slowly while you're getting started and avoid the often unavoidable temptation to go overboard with buying.  If you look back through the historical posts on this site, there are many examples of people who started for reasons similar to what you've outlined, got really amped up about it, bought a ton of product really fast, and then disappeared or sold out when they became overwhelmed.

Second...figure out how/where you're going to sell before getting in too deep.  Selling is not as easy as buying.

Third...don't put too much stock in the "experts" on Youtube.  There is some ok advice to be had there, but those folks don't always have the expertise that they front having and they're inevitably trying to sell you something else...and I've seen them give profoundly bad no-good idiotic stupid advice before.

Fourth...have fun and enjoy it.  

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