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Best way to sell a massive collection of Legos?

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Someone in those areas needs to buy a franchise...... They would do well in an area with no Lego stores I think.

Seems like it would do well just because you get traffic that Lego stores give you, as well as people who don't have Legos near them (<-#FirstWorldProblems). Location is probably the most important part of this!
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I know, I wish there was one here on the east coast!New Mexico, Oregon/Washington? How about something in the Midwest too!"Franchises are currently available nationwide with the exception of CA, CT, FL, HI, IL, IN, KY, MI, MD, MN, NE, NC, ND, NY, TX, SC, SD, RI, UT, WI or Canada."

Minnesota is out along with Illinois.(Comicblast.) Why can't you have a store in those select states?

Link to Bricks and Minifigs.

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You can.....I think they are open to selling to anyone who has the money, despite what the website says.

Oh, okay. I'm a teen so I don't have the money, but it sounded like a great Lego store and I wanted to check it out. Too bad the stores are a good distance from Minnesota.
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