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21335 - Motorized Lighthouse

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  • Alpinemaps changed the title to Ideas #042?: 21334? - Motorized Lighthouse?
  • 2 months later...

Now officially introduced, the latest Ideas set: Motorized Lighthouse.





Towering in height at 50cm tall, the Motorized Lighthouse is a unique way to add a new display piece to your home as it comes complete with a motorized light.

Full of details, the 2,065 piece set is designed authentically to mirror how a real lighthouse operates. It sits on its own island, with a staircase leading up to the lightkeeper’s cottage, plus two minifigures and their boat also add detail to the display. The lighthouse model features a revolving lens (created using a new element) powered by PowerUp components - battery box, motor and LED light with a cable.

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  • Rotating light with a Fresnel lens element – A battery box (6380609), medium motor (6290183) and cable with lights (6238858) power the lighthouse’s rotating light and the cottage’s glowing fireplace

That will be in high demand for MOCs

It has stickers glad it is not $350 and $300 seems fair with the power functions and 2K elements or has Lego just worn me down with the new prices. 

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6 minutes ago, fuzzy_bricks said:

Love this.  Price seems high, but this should look nice next to my old fishing store.

I was just thinking the same: lighthouse + old fishing store + great fishing boat will be an awesome display. just need to add another room to my house first...

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1 hour ago, thedingman5 said:

My hunch is that it is a 2-direction light that oscillates, rather than rotates, to prevent the wires from getting tangled...

The description from Lego states "Revolving" so my thought is that it indeed rotates 360˚. I feel like there is enough room above the top floor and the black railing to house the motor directly, but I cannot tell how they have disguised/hidden the cable to the battery box. I am assuming that is within the rock structure below.

I like that the new element is a Fresnel lens.

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The light bulb is fixed so the wire does not move, and they use a mirror sticker to reflect the light to the lens which rotates 360. I was thinking I would rather pay $240 and not have the power functions and have the option to add them if you want to, but now seeing the build that would not be possible without breaking down the set. 


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11 hours ago, CathyVT said:

Well, that's how real lighthouses work... (or at least used to)

And every emergency rotating light made in the previous century. 

Kmart blue lights were strobes though. They were ahead of their time.  And then they froze time in 1989…

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