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75340 - 2022's Advent Set


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I love this little boxes of joy.  I keep telling myself I am going to pull all those years worth out and do something with them to decorate then I think about having to sort all those little ships back into the correct box. Have you decorated a tree with them? Share some pics of these sets in action.


I'm not to sure about beach wear Vader but I love me some holiday droids and tiny ships.  How many B1 battle droids do we have from these sets anyways? Nice execution on the Republic Gunship and the Bad Batch shuttle. i will be dropping my order on the 1st.

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I know, someone will say that I say that these are the best sets out there and someday I am going to hang them on a Christmas tree.   Lego did a nice job this year with ugly christmas sweaters for two of our favorite droids.  We got the mandatory battle droid and a clone trooper. A snowtrooper and Luke on Hoth with his feet somehow stuck in ice.  Did the Wampa glue him there with a bodily fluid? 

The mini ship builds are always great although I think the Bad Batch's ship looks better if you turn the tail piece around. 

The speeders were nice and I love the tiny AT-STs. I so much want to put it with the free May the 4th Hoth set from years ago.

My only complaint is that I have no patience to only open one a day so they whole set is assembled during lunch.

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