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75338 - Ambush on Ferrix set


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Disney and Lego collaborating again?  This pre-order to ship on August 1st appears to be related to the new Disney + Cassius Andor series we have hear much about but seen very little material of so far. 


This $69.99 (ouch!) set includes a small ship or shuttle aka "Mobile Tac-Pod", a speeder bike and three figures. Not having seen any film or digital print material so far, there is not much to judge the set on.  Cassius reminds me of Joe Dirt, I prefer the Rogue One versions released for far. The ship does look very cool with the slightly inset engines and non-speedy looking lines I would expect from anything flying off the ground in pursuit.

We don't currently know the other two characters but the guy in the uniform looks like he should be with a Bespin Cloud City set. The other could be Beckett from Solo or at least had been released with the Nest speeder bike set.

Maybe some previews will leak out now that SW Celebration is over. I want to believe this will be a gritty pre-rebellion series but just don't have high expectations.

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