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75325 - The Mandalorian's N-1 Starfighter


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Many critics on the web forums think the best aspects of Disney's Book of Boba Fett was the episodes where Mando was at the center.  Yes, the Razor Crest was awesome - it was Mando's space RV packed with firepower, carbonite freezing chambers for warm bounties, a sleeping area, bathroom, Nintendo (okay, I made that part up ... or was it left on the editing floor) and everything else needed to travel in comfort but this N-1 is a muscle car built for speed, maneuverability, and firepower.  Comfort is out the window. Heck, even the droid compartment is barely big enough for a baby Yoda let alone a bounty being returned.  The episode was so full of Easter eggs, you just had to freeze frame it, rewind, and review constantly. 

Let's talk the set - three figures and a cute little droid, but only just over 400 pieces for $60.  It's a hot rod though, look at that carburetor. But we get a dark saber and Amy Sedaris's Peli Motto figure (I did not even know the character had a name beyond Amy Sedaris!) Is it perfect? No, but it will fill a hole in my collection until the UCS version comes out. Come on Lego, read that last part and take action.

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Mando and Grogu are "homeless" now (cue homeless guy on the street w/ cute kid holding a sign "Gun 4 Hire-Will Bounty for Frogs" )

Anyway I am curious where Mando's home base will be (hoping it's not Peli's couch) in the future episodes.  I think based on the style of the show it's much more likely he continues to be mobile which allows him to be placed anywhere in the galaxy (as his character has become the new SKywalker for the Star Wars Universe)...that said, I would hope that after all that has been put into this hotrod...it can be kept in Mando's next ship...and ofcourse it would be epically cool of LEGO to make the next ship big enough to fit this set...maybe an exterior attachment ala Ghost and Phantom

"Come on Lego, read that last part and take action."

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I built the set yesterday. It's quick and no surprises or mysteries. It's a fragile ship without land gear of any kind and a tail piece that is a soft bendy plastic attached by a long thin rod.  It's took big to sit directly into an IKEA glass display so I am going to have to hang it at an angle with some fishing line or find a 3rd party stand that will hold it.  I tried an A-wing stand that holds at at angle but the N1 was to heavy and kept tipping over.  My Y-wings stand was not tall enough and the angle was the wrong direction. I am at the mercy of the eBay community of CNC machinist I suppose.

Back to the ship, it has a compartment held closed by two studs to fit the jet pack and dark saber if Mando is piloting it.  I think I lost the little droid twice yesterday dropping onto the carpet, lol,  Scale-wise, it looks fine besides the X-wings with had Biggs or Luke options and Solo's TIE fighter. it is longer than the Razorcrest (which fits into the display cases). Both engines have a lot of gribble and are not mirrors of each other so trying to skip steps and build both at the same time caused problems when I ran out of the megaphone shaped pieces early on.

Onto the Advent set.

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