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75329 - Death Star Trench Run Diorama


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One of three new diorama sets shipping in late April, 2022. Selling for $60, but no mini-figures and only 665 pieces, I'm not sure about the price value but if you can hear pictures, then this diorama is all sorts of noisy awesomeness plus look at all that detailing on the Death Star.  Is that a new R2D2 dot piece? I hope it has some extras (at least one, come on Lego!), the Tatoonine homestead micro set could use one. I missed the micro bonus set of the same theme a few years ago so this will fill in nicely.  I also hope it is available on May 4th. The Force is Strong with this set despite the possible error, did a TIE fighter pilot ignore Vader and take a shot also? "I will take them myself", who does that Lord Vader think he is anyways?

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I built this today.  Pretty straight forward but with all gribble efforts, it pays to pull each piece in the step together before building.  I realized at the end of bag 2 that I had a bunch of leftovers and had ended up omitting one of the grey blocks that has the x-slot through it which then meant basically every piece laid down was offset one row from that bag. 

I object to the TIE fighter firing, Vader was clear "I will take them myself" so I put the green laser bolts on the tower mounted guns.  The TIEs builds are familiar, Red5 is a new build for me and frankly I did not like having the engine exhaust plumes so close together.

It looks good overall, feels sturdy enough and is up on a shelf.

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