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75330 - Dagobah Jedi Training Diorama


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One of three new diorama sets shipping in late April, 2022. At $80 with 1000 pieces and 3 figures, it seems pricey but it looks great on the web. I either missed the last training set, skipped it or don't remember buying and building it so this one is likely to end up on a shelf in my collection.  The details look amazing even if the Red-5 wing is drastically out of scale.  Looking forward to it being available on May 4th for whatever special the Lego Store offers.

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You know when the step calls for x39 identical single studs then the next step is x177 clear flat top pieces, you realize why the piece count is so high.  Yes, I began building this set this morning.  The base was virtually the same as the DS trench run diorama in style so it went together quickly, then I hit bag 2 and 3 with hundreds of single squares and circles. Fun factor died, have to take a break.

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I finished the set today.  It looks nice, most studs are covered beyond those desired to place figures on.  The X-wing is out of scale, obviously and does hang over the front edge if you are concerned with staying within the base's dimensions (maybe you are casing it) but can be shifted by moving studs below it and around it.  The wing sets into the swamp's flat topped clear studs. It does sit to the back flat for bookshelf space, which is nice.

Yoda's hut has play factors but honestly it's so small and only accessible from the back so I doubt you will do much inside.  The pot's handle for example, if up, hits the roof.  Yoda does have a bed for Jedi Luke to visit him on later though.  The trees' plants and other plastic vegetation looks good and has some ability to customize.

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