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60007 - High Speed Chase


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It was one of the first for this year's sets I picked up at the very beginning of the year. I think this year's Police sets are better and nicely different from everything before. It does have a semi tie-in with the Undercover game, although I found out the included minifigure that says it's Chase McCain is not true. It has his head and hairpiece but that's about it. He was not the same as the preorder exclusive at Target.

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Wake up old thread... so what about this set?  Still available at Target, Amzon for about $22 (25% off RRP $29.99). Still available at LEGO Shop at Home.  But nearly everything else in the series is "SOLD OUT" on the Lego site....  60006, 60008, 60009, all gone.


My kid has this set. I've always thought it was a good deal at $23 for 3 vehicles, 3 minifigs, and play props including a gold bar and money (my kid loves those). I generally avoid City sets for investment, but have been keeping my eye on it, and never seems to stray much from the $22/23 price.  Maybe it's time to pick up a few? Could this set make it to $40?  Thoughts?

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That and the fact that they release a new "chase" scene set in some form or fashion every other year, if not sooner. The only reason I bought them in the first place was because they were dirt cheap. There is nothing really special about this set that makes it stand out that would create demand for it down the road. I don't think anyone cares or will care about the "exclusive" figure either.

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