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Hello there !

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I'm new in this "lego world". Also english isn't my birth language, so don't mind my writing mistakes ;)

It's simple, i want to increase my bank account and lego is, at the moment, profitable more than gold or anything.

So i check some infos, and this site seems to be the good place to start ! I bought my first 2 set kit today, finger crossed the value will expand during this year.

I didn't find the topic where you can see values of differents set kit, so if someone can show me where, it will be so nice :)

Good sunday to everyone !

May the lego be with you !

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I just bought 2 sets :



And get this one for free :


When the stock will be empty, i'm thinking this sets will be research. (please didn't tell me they will not ^^')

By the way i just beginning, so this is my first buy for investment.

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First off, those two sets you bought were just released. You want to buy at end of life (close to retirement) if possible and also on sale if possible. Those sets prob won’t be retired for 2-3 years (or more). But once retired they will both prob do decent.  

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13 hours ago, creusi said:

Those sets will both be long holds (2-3yrs) before you see any real gains, just as @Gonkalin mentioned.

After 8 years or so doing small scale Lego investing, I would say it’s all about picking a strategy that works best for you.

There are plenty of different approaches.  One of the widely accepted methods is to find the set you desire with a discount or wait to purchase set just before retirement. This reduces storage time, increases available capital and increases roi.

I suggest reading up on this forum before diving too deep.  you’ll quickly learn its very easy to buy, not so easy to sell.

 Lots & lots of great info on this site, you just need to dig and put in the time to read.

welcome and good luck. ✌️😊


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Hi creusi! 

Welcome to brickpicker. It's cool to see an another french people here :D.

I don't know about the 75293 but i recently bought the 21325 and 43179 (30% off on kj). 

See you later, 

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