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Liquidating Sets


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I live 30 minutes north of Detroit and looking at liquidating the sets I have.  I have mostly older Star Wars items but do have some modular buildings and some expert sets.  All items are still factory sealed and in great condition.  I would like to try to meet up with anyone interested so we could do a pick up.  I would rather not do any shipping as I worry because there are a lot of desirable sets.


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Here are a few of the sets I have.  Message me with any additional questions.


10214 Tower Bridge (used with box but box is not in good condition) complete, currently built 1 Used
4491 Trade Federation (mini) 1 Sealed
4488 Millenium Falcon (mini) 1 Sealed
40417 Year of the Ox 1 Perfect Shape
40451 Tatooine Homestead 1 Perfect Shape
4502 X-wing Fighter (Dagobah), Original Trilogy Edition box 1 Great Shape
30200 Zombie Chauffeur Coffin Car - polybag 1 Sealed Bag
6212 X-wing Fighter 1 Perfect Shape
10243 Parisian Restaurant 1 Good Shape
10198 Tantive IV 1 Perfect Shape
10218 Pet Shop 1 Perfect Shape
10179 Millennium Falcon - UCS (1st edition) 1 Great Shape
75192 Millennium Falcon - UCS (3rd edition) 1 Perfect Shape
10247 Ferris Wheel 1 Some Crease but nice
7191 UCS - X-Wing Fighter 1 Some Crease but nice
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