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5489 Ultimate LEGO Vehicle Building Set

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I have this 5489 Ultimate LEGO Vehicle Building Set, NISB, it not for sale anywhere in Europe as far as I can see. No one on BL has a new one, only 5 used. It is not for sale on BO. I cannot find it on internet as new. Ebay only has used sets. So it seems I have this very rare NISB set, but cannot find the current market value for it. I guess it is what someone wants to pay for it. But how do I price this thing? Also, even if I have the only NISB in Europe, if there is no demand its worth zero. LOL. 

Thoughts? 5489-1.png.d95f959cf19382b20ed5b8c696e12797.png

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I would start with the part-out value here: https://www.bricklink.com/catalogPG.asp

For the settings I tested, the part out value is ~$86 US which is quite high for a basic set.  You can then adjust +/- 15% depending on how fast you want it to move.  If it doesn't sell in 3-6 months, re-evaluate then.  The high part out value is probably driven by a few rare parts.  If the set itself doesn't sell, you can try to sell those parts individually.

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