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Scored 7785 real cheap, got some questions.

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Well somehow, I was able to pick up Arkham Asylum for $37 shipped. The box is beat up and has a huge slash through the middle that happened to go through the first page of book 1 of the instructions. As far as my question goes, several of the bags are still sealed and the rest are loose in the box. Do I open the sealed packages and find out what/if I am missing any pieces? The stickers are unused too. Thoughts?

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Personally I'd open it up, and build it to make sure it's complete, not using the stickers. Then at that price I'd either keep it or market it as used.

At this point, the Arkham Asylum you have is worth more built and checked for completeness than it is in its current condition. Sealed box or not, the box is trashed and people want to know if its complete. You cannot sell it as new, so you are better off building it and taking pictures to show potential buyers that it is complete with instructions and box, albeit a beat up one.

You can't get new prices for it, but high used prices might be the value of the set.

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Went through the set today. Took longer than I expected but the set is 100% complete. All minifigs, stickers, and even the extra items. Only thing wrong is the big rip in the box and the first page of the instructions is ripped. Pretty happy camper here.

Good to hear. Arkham Asylum is one set I always wanted to buy, but it is now priced too high for me to bother.
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