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21016 - Sungnyemun


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I picked up 3 more of this set at the Orland Park IL Lego store yesterday. They are limiting quantities to 5 per person, but there seem to be many of this set left.

are there anymore sets left at orland park? None available at water tower, woodfield or northbrook ct.

Also - what do you all think about the impact a set box with nandaemun on it instead of sungnyemun? Would one be worth more than another?

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I'm wondering if 41999 or 10227 could possibly behave the same way.  Short production run, a few main sellers right at retirement keeping the price kinda reasonable and then once they are sold out of inventory, it skyrockets up since there are less people looking to sell.  Just a thought...I'll check back in a couple years!

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I am a big proponent of the architecture line and I think that these are mostly end users (collectors and fans) boosting prices for resellers.  Data indicates that there are certain themes and subthemes that performed extremely well in the last 6 months and it will be interesting to see if the future growth mimics the recent past.

21016 is skewed as the North America market is only at $160US but the Asia market is between $200-250 with a higher volume of sales.  This is a set to sell to certain markets for greater profit.

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2 minutes ago, pat_teeth_hurt said:

Any theories on why this is now selling for around $300 on ebay?  50% increase from year 2 of retirement to year 3.

This set had such a short run and there are very few on the resale market compared to the number of buyers trying to complete their collection (like I was!)

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