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Hoping to Make a Second (Small) Fortune Flipping Lego

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Hi all,

I retrieved my vintage Lego collection from my mom's house over the summer and now I'm hooked again lol. More on that later, but first here's my Lego investing story...

I made a (small) fortune flipping Lego in 2006. I basically found a UK discount store (Poundstretcher) had a massive shelf of the smaller 2002 Star Wars sets. I bought about £150 worth and sold them on eBay in 2009 for around 5x what I paid for them! It does kind of suck that had I held onto them they're now worth around 10x what I paid for them. The set I had most of was 7103 (Jedi Duel - maybe the cheapest way to get a Yoda). They pretty much sold the second I put them on eBay.

This year I've started filling a cupboard full of sets for investment. I don't have the room but what the heck... I'll make room for them lol.

I currently have 101 investment sets stacked. I have a varied collection but I've been focussed on buying sets at a good price. There have been some great BOGOF offers lately and I was also lucky to get a few Central Perks when Amazon lowered the price to just £42.99. People may scoff at this set but my sister is not a traditional Lego fan but she adores her Central Perk and even put lights in it (which look fab). This set will do well post retirement.

Of course everyone knows about Central Perk but some of my hidden gems you can still find on sale are: Dinosaur Fossils (21320), Hidden Side (70430), Lucky Cat Brickheadz (40436) and the CLAAS mini-harvester (42102).

The best bargains I have found are Harry Potter 75967 (the one with the giant in it and 5 minifigs) for just £15, and the Mandalorian battle pack (75267) being on BOGOF.

I also maximise my savings by using my Lego VIP card as well as using my employer's discount benefit scheme (4-7% cashback at various retailers).

Make Money on the Buy... The set I want to stack but haven't seen discounted to a satisfactory level is the Knight Bus. It's a nice build and the purple bricks will probably do well on Bricklink. I've actually been buying them on eBay and now have a 6 floor MOC lol.

I still need to figure out how I'm going to box up and ship all my inventory. I used to sell on Amazon in the past (not Lego) but I might just use eBay this time around.

As for my non-investment Lego, most of my collection dates from 1977-83 with the Galaxy Commander being the pride of my vintage space fleet. I've recently restored her white bricks using peroxide. I've also rebuilt my 373 Shell oil rig after 40+ years as well as the 1977 (?) vintage lunar lander. It's so cool that you can find the instructions online - I've rebuilt most of my old sets and rebuilt the ones that were so obviously wrong.

I also had a Lego collecting mini-revival in 2005 and I'm kicking myself that I only bought one of the Imperial Inspection (7264) sets. I still think it's the best version of this ship in terms of design and number/collectibility of minifigs. Others agree with me and it's worth 4-5x what I paid for it.

My second Lego revival this year was largely sparked by the release of the Seinfeld set. To save space I'm currently putting all my TV related builds into the SitComplex MOC. However I've decided to modifiy this MOC into my own MOC because I want to put the dinosaur fossils into a museum floor. I'm going to the Lego store today and I will be overjoyed if they have 1x5x4 windows for sale...

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