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9476 - The Orc Forge

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For orc forge it says



''Temporarily out of stock''


Was it always like that since i remember it said out of stock when i last checked ...


would be amazing if these return for a month lol


Good bye ROI :P

Someone at Lego probably said, "who's the idiot who decided to end the complimentary piece of Orthanc when Orthanc came out."


Would be funny if they brought it back out.

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last time I was at target They had replaced the tag where forges were with black gates. not sure if this means anything, and I'm sure they can switch tags all they want, but if they were to be getting a shipment soon I feel like they would leave the space open. So i'm guessing that it won't be back in stores, unless someone indeed did a complete 180 on the set and put it back in production.

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