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Need advice and selling a very LARGE Collection

Pierre lego

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Good afternoon everyone,

I am thinking of letting go of a portion of my personal LEGO collection, and would like to get some advice on selling it, what it may be worth and of course if anyone is interested.

Here is a little background information, I have found my childhood LEGO collection at my parents place a few years back and then got back into LEGO collecting, I have accumukated several collections since then. Now with a very intensive job, and a possible relocation, I may need to let it go. I would use the funds to help me in getting myself a new place.

I have gone through it, and identified the main key components of my collection, it consists of:

-Between 300 to 400lbs of fully sorted LEGO parts by type and colour

-many complete vintage space themes all with their figures (No Box unfortunately), themes are M-tron, Spyrius, Explorians, U.F.O, Ice Planet 2002

-Between 3500 and 3750 Minifigures, which are mostly Star Wars, CMF, Super heroes, Ninjago, Tons of classic space, castle, pirates. NO Friends, very little city. All figures bagged individually with ID tag

-Hundreds of animals ranging from dragons, dinos, dogs, sharks, horses etc

-about 10 pounds incomplete minifigures parts and accessories

-Over a hundred incomplete Star Wars Figures and parts (helmets, torsos, etc)

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I like in Toronto, Canada, and I can provide pictures of the collection tonight, I was thinking doing Random selection bags per each theme for the figures, that was one Idea that was suggested to me
Random bags by theme will give you the lowest amount of money back for your minifigures. If I were selling a collection that size that is the last way I would do it, especially since you said that they were all individually bagged and marked with ID already. I know that it is time consuming, but I would create a spreadsheet list of the figures that way possible buyers would know exactly what they are buying.

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  1. bricklink.com is your friend
  2. you should cherry pick the valued minifigures and sell those individually
  3. anything <$7 bag in a group and sell as a lot (like you mentioned)
  4. for a quick and easy take some pictures of your collection and post them here...you'll know real quick if any resellers are interested in a bulk purchase (keep in mind selling on BPer you're looking to sell to a market of resellers so they expect to make AT LEAST 50% profit (so your sell price is about 70% off the market prices of used sets [ie bricklink]).
  5. special individual sets such as the vintage space theme you might get better pricing individually but it will be some work and time.
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