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75015 - Corporate Alliance Tank Droid


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New Corporate Alliance Tank Droid With Jango Fett.

This set looks really good to me for the piece count. 271 pieces for $20? Seems like Lego is desperate for sales. :) The price could also be this low because it is the THIRD remake of this set. The vehicle looks good, I love the new clones and obviously, JANGO FETT! Who else is going to try to make an army of these things to go with their Pre Vizslas, Boba Fetts, Mandolorians and new Mandolorian Super Commandos?!? I'm also thinking that the Jango Figure will sell very well on his own in the secondary market, (if the Dessert Skiff Boba is any trend to go by.)

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IF this set does go for $20, I'll definately snag a few. It's just about the cheapest way to get those tank treads.

Honestly I'm expecting this one to go for $30-$35 when it comes out.

Its going to be $20 watched a video review on YouTube from the NY toy fair! :)

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A STAR WARS set with a $0.07 per piece ratio....

I never thought I would live to see the day.

Does seem like TLG is selling it for very cheap considering that many of the small SW sets go for at least $0.10 per piece, most of them more like $0.12. I will definitely stock up on this since it has a bunch of unique pieces and figures!!!
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