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75319 - The Armorer's Mandalorian Forge


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The forge arrived earlier this week and it was a quick and easy build. 

Mando is the same version as in Gideon's cruiser but instead of a cape, he has a jet pack. Includes his rifle and a pistol.

Paz Vizsla is built like a tank with is multi-barreled cannon and brick built pack.  He also has those shoulder pads that Wrecker used, Posing is a problem if not stuck to a brick or plate.

The Armorer looks nice and has plenty of tools and weapon options within the set.

I have mixed feelings on the small playsets.  Sometimes they are great others seem lacking.  This set captures the elements of the forge scenes and when the forge is connected to the entry way, it's a tight fit with little space to stand figs on the set so they don't fall over.  It has some nice pay features to include a tool cabinet with hidden storage for a pistol and small disks that could be mines or explosives.  The forge has spots along the side to mount weapons or tools.  The random broom is included by that spot also works for Mando's rifle. There are some misc brick built power tools along the wall to include maybe a press or drill.  My only really complain are the stickers for the curved pieces; It takes me several attempts to get them to be someone evenly spaced.

Currently My Mando shelf is to cramped to display the forge so I have to redo the space in the IKEA glass cabinet shelf.

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