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9 hours ago, Darth_Raichu said:

Classic police was supposed to be 1 per box of 60.  LEGO was consistent in that regard.  However, it seems like Sylvie is not distributed evenly, some box of 36 only have 1, others have 3

Sylvie would have been a chase figure if all boxes only have 1, but based on that valuation there are more boxes with 3. 

Although you are right, ultimately noone cared about the police fig

Yeah I know. Was more a joke pointing out the perception differences when you say 1 per vs a lot just randomly having 1 per.  Also how the values are affected without any publicity of a chase vs something that clearly is a lot shorter than the other figures but not showing in it's sales.  


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Just sharing:
With the scares of inconsistent distribution, I went through one of two boxes last night from MinifiguresPlus.
I was fortunate in having 3 complete sets (3 of each minifig). Box #2 is still unknown.

I'm not sure if this has been discussed, but I noticed the stamped codes differed within the same box:


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It seemed concerning at first seeing different codes within the same box, but I figured that wasn't an issue after ending up with an even distribution. I'd have my foil hat on and searching more about the codes if I got 5 Lokis and 1 Sylvie. Makes you think, there must be boxes out there with 5 Sylvies & 1 Loki. 😛 Time to trade.

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Hello Brick Pickers!

We are excited to announce our pre-order for the highly anticipated Marvel Studios Collectible Minifigures!

There are 36 packets in a box and 12 unique characters to collect (3 sets per box).

Box price: $149 + FREE Domestic Shipping ($25 international)

Set price: $55 + FREE Domestic Shipping ($10 international)

Please PM with your PayPal email address for an invoice. 
Shipping mid September.

Happy Building,
Jon from Minifigures Plus


Never had a CMF arrive missing a hand in a sealed pack. QC check fail.
Nevertheless , fast delivery by MinifiguresPlus.
Another great experience
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