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Longest NON-Exclusive set production runs - Top 10?


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The discussion in the Walmart Clearance thread about 60139 got me thinking - What are some of the longest set production runs for Non-Exclusives/Architecture etc? Also going to exclude Duplo and the standard LEGO blocks (classic) here.

3 years is long, but not long enough to make this list I imagine. I'm looking for stuff out at least 3.5+. I remember Batcave 6860 being out about 3 years...

3 that hit me pretty quickly from the last 5 years or so -

60139 - City: Police Mobile Police Center. Released Jan 2017, Still in production now. 4.5 years.

31058 - Creator: Mighty Dinosaurs. Released Nov 2016, still in Production now. (Coming up on 5 years)

Harry Potter 2018 Wave (Great Hall, Express, Whomping Willow, etc) - All hitting 3 years, but will probably be 3.5 before all is said and done.


Any one else have any thoughts?

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7942 Off-Road Fire Rescue (2007)
Seven year run at least.

7741 Police Helicopter (2008)
"Retired" around same time as above set.

7236 Police Car (2005), returned as 7236-2 Police Car (2008)
Latter release was around for a while though uncertain on actual availability of either, more an oddity.


I remember these City sets fondly mainly from some of the very first topics we had on this site back in 2012 - 2014. And these are accounting online availability through LEGO Shop-at-Home up to that point. I imagine actual production stopped long before official retirement but still these sets had a shelf life almost akin to the first Death Star.

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