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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey combo pack with exclusive Bilbo Baggins minifigure

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Just wondering, how does the market get flooded if they aren't available anymore? Plus, they were only available for a very, very, limited amount of time.

Sorry to say, but second this.

Sorry I worded it wrong I mean that as time go's by the price will drop, I'm thinkin they'll get down to around $10 apiece on brick link.

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Yeah that`s pretty insane, I don`t honestly remember seeing these available here in Canada, though I probably just missed them. Sure makes the $20-$25 Blu Ray combo seem like a heck of a deal now, doesn`t it? You have a few you say? Did you pick them up at retail in AUS?

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So the Bricklink price on this fig is simply staggering.
Was there a shortage of these exclusive dvd sets in the US? Or worldwide? I have a few put aside but was absolutely astounded at the pricing (yes these are in Australia dollars but still...)

The bundles here in the US were very limited and only available through Target so this turnout is not surprising far as taking rarity into consideration.

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