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Raya and the Last Dragon


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Three sets so far, and the show is quite well received. 

43181 - Raya and the Heart Palace

43184 - Raya and Sisu Dragon

43185 - Boun's Boat

What do you guys think? Will the dragon set be elves part 2 in terms of appreciation? I don't think it looks fantastic though although it will certainly go into my dragons collection. 

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43181 and 43184 also attach together, so there might be some bundle value. I haven't watched the movie just yet, but my kids loved it when they saw it at a friends house. I just bought 43184, and Sisu is underwhelming but the only set so far with that character.

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1 hour ago, odysea11 said:

The dragon is hideous...but the palace is quite intriguing. That is my first take....

I have not seen the move nor had any interest to do so.  Feel free to mock me if I am wrong.  :P

The dragon looks like a derivation of Naga (South East Asian giant serpent).

The castle looks fine except that big green bulb shaped tower looks a bit out of place to me. :dontknow:  But yay for new print ?

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  • Alpinemaps changed the title to Raya and the Last Dragon
why?  i used to live in greenpoint.  i never got vibes of the pols hating dragons.  am i missing something
shoot sorry or does sisu mean something in polish. i honestly have no clue

First thing I thought when I saw the name was that is sounds like the word for “pee” in Polish.
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Return of Rose

I am actually impressed by her turn around and story since Last Jedi debacle

she admitted to being beaten down hard...she embraced her diminished role in the last movie...and then turned it all around. A Force to be reckoned with...glad Raya is viewed positively.

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