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Looking for advice on selling lego First timer


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I have a fairly large amount of lego from when my kids were younger and am looking to sell it. I do not have any of the original l boxes ,weve gathered up the parts for several kits and bar a few missing peices they are almost complete.

Really im just looking for the best way to sell it. Am i likely to be able to sell an almost complete set or will people only buy a completed one.Or am i better selling it in bulk by color and weight and if so were would be the best place.

Thank you

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when it comes to selling a used set...please give the buyer some idea of level of completeness. At a minimum, are all the Minifigures included and an overall assessment of brick conditions: played with, adult owned, display only, etc.

Get an idea of value by hunting for the set # and then use bricklink or ebay for valuation

The best way is to build the sets and provide pictures. 

If you don't think it's worth the trouble then loose bricks in good condition is like $7+/lb

If you're looking to get the best pricing...then you will need to put in the work to get the above details.  Few will pay even close to RRP for a used retired set that is full of uncertainties.

A shortcut to the above is to line up all the manuals and/or make a list, take a picture and post it here and see if anyone makes an offer (which will likely be about 50% of the market price at best)

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With the exception (sometimes) of extremely awkward stickers, it's almost always advisable to fully complete sets by buying the required pieces on Bricklink. Once a set is ready to be sold, list it as buy-it-now. Auctions seldom achieve the same price that patience and a BIN listing will (though they guarantee a faster sale). Selling in bulk really is only suitable if you cannot stomach the thought of putting hours into sorting everything properly, as nearly all those who are willing to buy bulk lots will be resellers who require meat on the bone.

Also, don't be afraid to write-off certain sets. For example, a Lego Racers set - worth maybe £5 inc. postage if you even find a buyer - that has missing pieces is not worth the effort. By all means just lump them into a single bulk sale.

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