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Big German National Newspaper: "LEGO antagonizes loyal fans, suffers PR disaster"

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Interesting story to read. I have heard of this youtuber, but its hard to follow the German videos. 

Years ago i bought a bogus bricks piece, just to check the quality myself and find out if building technic cars is something i would like. The quality was ok, but not like the Lego cars i have build later on.

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No offense, but you might wanna stop posting about him, as I'm sure no one truly cares about him on a LEGO related forum. 

At least I don't care. Someone who is trying so hard to discredit a brand that made him what he is today is a hypocrite in my eyes. Practising what you preach is not his strength exactly. Complaining about big retailers selling LEGO, therefore killing small businesses & simultaneously listing Amazon links for LEGO products in his description is ridiculous.

I think it would be best to just drop this discussion. You have hundreds of thousands of like-minded people/fanboys in his comment section, I suggest you discuss it there. 

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23 hours ago, Frank Brickowski said:

Dude, just let this go man....no need to keep making topics and topics about this subject.

You hate Lego, you love alternative brick brands, and Lego is evil incarnate and will go down in a fiery flame and cease to exist....

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