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This is a first for me where Amazon asks above retail on anything.  Has anyone else seen this?

Ship in a Bottle 92177 RRP: $69.99

Amazon: $83.47

In case something happens with the Amazon buy box between when I posted this and someone clicks on the link, I did verify that it is Amazon.com as the seller.  


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Not the first time Amazon themselves have items listed above MSRP. For the most part though I recall them typically being small to medium sized sets with a list price $3 to maybe even $10 higher. These examples of current pricing seem closer to classic Toys R Us standards.

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18 hours ago, LegoLegend420 said:

The just had the Razorcrest at 169.  i think retail was 129

I don't know why I'm surprised. I guess if their algorithms see enough sales at a given price point then they'd adjust their prices when their own inventory is replenished.

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