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New to the forum and saying hello.

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Hello. I (as most others here I'm sure) was into Lego in my youth. Over the past couple years I've been picking up sets when I found them discounted for my growing children. My older boys (now 7 & 9) are really into Ninjago (please let me know if someone has the Nightcrawler 70641), Star Wars, Avengers, etc. My younger girls are into Duplo with my 5 year old getting into other standard Lego sets recently like the Friends series and of course the Frozen sets I've given her. They have City sets and others as well.

I ended up here because I am bargain hunter and prefer to find deals for things. So when looking for possible Lego deals I found this place. As I mentioned earlier I started with only getting sets when found on heavy discount. I've stockpiled some and overtime whenever there is some event (a holiday, great school grades, etc.) I give them sets. I've also picked up some sets at small discounts and even some at retail (Razor Crest and others) lately.

As much as I'd love to hustle Lego for profit I doubt that will happen. So I'm really just trying to slow down the process of going broke on them by finding the best deals I can.

Looks like a good place here and thanks for those hosting, moderating, contributing and participating.

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9 minutes ago, Bold-Arrow said:

Welcome.  Hope you find your company "palatable" . 

Thank you.  I guess I should say, "Likewise."

In all seriousness, I never realized the extent of LEGO being used as an investment.  I've only lamented that I should have bought XYZ LEGO because now I'd have to pay 2X, 4X, etc. I've only looked at it from a builder's POV.  Excited to learn about the different ins-outs to view LEGO in a different way.  

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