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Buying mini figure blind box


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I am new to investing in Lego and I had maybe a little dumb question about mini figures in blind bags. It makes total sense to open each little bag to sell the mini figure inside but are there cases where buyers would actually prefer to buy the sealed bag? If that would be the case, I figure this would be only a minority of potential buyers?

Thanks in advance for your recommendations

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Individuals are usually looking for a particular character and a blind purchase is not something that appeals to individual buyers.  Buying a sealed case is different.  But most who buy individual figures has a goal of completing a set and buying it blind usually makes the buyer think they have been smooshed and the rarer figures are not in the pull that is available to them.  Unlike a pack of baseball cards - it is fairly easy to figure out what character is in a blind bag.  Even in a sealed bag you still know what the figure is and sure - that might add a little to the value  to the client but not that much.  The figure has the value - not the bag for those purchasing it.   Either way, open or closed it is the content that has the value not the bag - IMHO.  

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