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71029 - Minifigures - Series 21


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27 minutes ago, Darth_Raichu said:

The castaway guy should have come with a volley ball. 

The violin boy should have come with more accessories for $5, like a music sheet and stand

Questions: will they keep box count of 60? If so, will they keep even distribution, ie you get 5 complete set if you buy a box ?

HA!  That'll make too much sense!

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The alien is wearing something akin to the HEV suit from Half Life and the Space Police equivalent to riot control or SWAT is pretty cool. The violinist child's shirt having the Blacktron "B" in green is an interesting choice. The violin piece itself is sublime. I can see the lady centaur's torso being used for a lot of characters in custom builds. All the costumed kids are adorable. Aztec warrior looks brutal, Beekeeper is nice, dolphin girl looks like a Sea World employee, castaway's "Wilson" seems to be a hermit crab, and the singing diva could be a Vegas showgirl.

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1 hour ago, Huskers1236 said:

I thought they were moving to the box vs. the smooshable bag?  Is that not happening with this series?

Wait. Moving to a box, away from bags?! Maybe I'm missing something here, but I cant imagine a faster way to kill a line. I cant fathom paying $5 for something I have no idea if I picked the actual figure I wanted or not.

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Hello Brick Pickers,

We are happy to announce our pre-order of the next collectible minifigures series! As always, here is a special price just for Brick Picker and Brickset members.

Box of 36 = $146
Complete Set of 12= $54

Shipping is FREE within the US. ($25 for box and $10 for sets internationally.) Pre-order ships late January.

Please PM with your PayPal email address and we will invoice you promptly.

Happy building,


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