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Anyone ever dealt with Steinchenwelt on BL??? or other European shipping issues?


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Any suggestions appreciated....  purchased 20+ sets form them in July....arrived 2 Months later TRASHED.  Sent them photos before I even opened the box to show how damaged it was, then photos of the individually trashed sets...like ripped boxes smashed in areas.  They wouldnt even work with me until I went to post office three times and finally got someone to fill out a damaged item form as they wouldnt take my word or the photo history.  Finally after getting the form (was told only someone witnessing the actual damage could fill it out but they did it anyway.)  Sent Steinchenwelt the form and was told I now had to sit and wait until the got an insurance claim from DHL and if they did, THEN they would refund me.  Probably the worst buying experience I have ever had.


The thing is my CC company/bank easily after viewing our conversation history, had me dispute the charge so my time to do so didnt run out and they disputed the entire charge (would not dispute partial.)  being 110% honest I do not want to keep product i didnt pay for but cant get anything from Steinchenwelt other than keep waiting on DHL.  FOUR+ months of dealing with this

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While I'm sure most European BL stores are 100% on the up and up, I have definitely had some issues with buying over there.  Lots of hidden fees with dodgy wording that to me, seems hard to understand what they are trying to convey.  When I ask about said fees, I have immediately received defensive and combative emails.  It could very well be difference in cultures, but I find the stores hard to work with.  Some probably has to do with differing shipping rules between EU and USA. 

I just recently bought from a store that had very grey language about Paypal fees and when I asked about them I got "you should have read the terms".  Uhh, yeah, no ****, that's why I asked the question because your terms don't make any freaking sense and contradict themselves!  

I have definitely had orders from Europe go off without a hitch so I will keep buying from Europe if I absolutely need to but I avoid if I can.

In your case you seem to have done everything you can and I would definitely keep being proactive to get your money back assuming the shipping company truly destroyed the package.  Whether the seller likes it or not, they are on the hook until the package gets to you.  As both a buyer and seller, I see the frustration and worry of scam from both angles but it is what it is.

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